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Mamas, I see your struggle.

97% of moms are experiencing burnout.

1 in 5 is experiencing depression or anxiety.

Are you one of them?

If so, I can help. I created MotherFly to lift mothers out of overwhelm and depletion.

Let me help you feel and be better today.


As a matrescence midwife, I nurture and guide pregnant people and mothers to become a MotherFly.

A MotherFly is someone who has learned to nurture her dreams, passions, and callings with the same love and attention she gives to her own children.

"I felt powerless after the birth of my first child. After my journey with Corina, the mother in me was transformed from a passive spirit to an energized an empowered force."

Julie Ochoa Kelly

"Corina was more than a midwife to me when I birthed my daughter - she assisted me in birthing a more powerful version of myself and helped me discover a new life purpose beyond motherhood."

Denise Padilla de Font

"Corina. taught me how to forgive myself. 

As a result, I started my own business helping women heal through trauma and supporting women who wish to birth vaginally after a C-section."

Keachia Bowers

When a baby is born, so is a mother.


Feeling motherwhelmed?

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