Pre-Irma Pensamientos


Pre-Irma Pensamientos



the howling of Irma both haunts and beckons me

her wild ferocity drawing me to her,
her promise to bring

to my tattered life

i stand at the small north window 
that was left without a covering
and watch 
mesmerized by the sheets of rain
and the violent swaying of trees

Hekua hey Oya, 
la tormenta, 
la respiración ultima y vida nueva

i give thanks for your purifying presence
though i know it comes with grave costs
i pray for all those who lie in your path

your breath, your fury, your passion
reminds us of what matters most
and gives us all the gift of PAUSE

an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our lives 
to recognize the many blessings we hold
and recommit ourselves to our paths
knowing our time here is limited

perhaps simply the naiveté
of having never been through a storm of this caliber
leads me to welcome her
to savor each gust of wind
perhaps it is the way she connects us all
as we are humbled by the task to survive

Oya, i honor you--
hypnotic rhythms 
la guerrera

i love you for the same reasons i love birth--
the magic, the mystery, the great unknown

a journey to the edge of our own capacity and knowing
and beyond

wild, untamed, raw, and 

i hear your voice 
calling us to return
to the place inside 
that is eternal
where wisdom lives
and we still understand our connection to the natural world
where we walk lightly, with great humility on the body of our mother.

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