The Village


Today I want to share about the importance of the tribe. In order for a MotherFly to emerge, she must be cocooned inside of the safety of the chrysalis. This is her community-- her sisters, family, partner, friends.

In particular, her sisterhood with other mothers is crucial as it provides a container inside of which she can transform into her highest potential. We've all heard the expression "It takes a village" in terms of raising children. But what about raising ourselves?

We also need a village. A conscious one with very specific shared agreements. We actually can't become ourselves by ourselves. We need each other to be able to mirror back our brilliance, as well as help us see those areas that may need to grow, that we can't see ourselves. Although personal growth work is powerful, it is through our relationships that we are most profoundly transformed.  Because even when we have internal awareness about our own limiting beliefs, we often still show up from those places of limitation when we relate to others.  It's easy to reach enlightenment on a mountain top, but the true test of our development comes from the way we interact with others when we come down from that mountain.

One way humans have felt and expressed a sense of community since the beginning of time is through ritual and ceremony.  These experiences have been used for thousands of years to create the conditions in which transformation can occur.  Through music, dance, prayer, and medicine, a place of magic is created, and an alchemy takes place that connects us with our intentions and lines up the experiences that will bring that intention to fruition. 

MotherFly programs support women in co-creating an empowered relationship with others through ritual, song, dance and deep, soulful sharing. Together our intentions and our power are amplified in ways that catalyze our own becoming.


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