Map for a New Motherhood Day 1

  Keynote/Opening Session




Corina Fitch is a Certified Professional Midwife and Neonatal Intensive Care nurse with over 25 years of experience in the field of maternity and newborn care.  She is also a Certified Feminine Power Transformational Facilitator and has been leading women’s circles and ceremonies for over 2 decades.  Corina has three daughters, each one bringing deeper meaning to her work. 

After her first daughter was born, she became intensely focused on helping pregnant clients bond with their babies in utero and cultivate self-care practices that would serve them well into their mothering.  During her second pregnancy, Corina wrote, produced, directed, and performed in a theater show chronicling her journey through pregnancy loss, re-conception and the transformation of motherhood. Her third daughter gave her the “terrible gift” of postpartum depression and anxiety, which propelled her work into a new direction and further piqued her passion for maternal wellness. 

What emerged from her studies of transformational facilitation, Feminine Power, midwifery, dance, and her experience as a mother, was a vision for MotherFly, an organization whose ultimate vision is to catalyze human potential through supporting maternal wellness and empowerment.  MotherFly programs guide pregnant women and mothers in exploring and embodying what it means to thrive in motherhood.