Meet Corina

Corina Fitch is a Matrescence Mentor who guides expectant women and mothers in navigating the balance between motherhood, self-care and deeper callings.  Her passion to support maternal wellness and thriving stems from her deep knowing that collectively for mothers, the shift from overwhelm and depletion to thriving and inspired has the power to radically transform our world.   

Corina is a Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, and Registered Nurse with 28 years of experience in the field of maternity and newborn care.  As a mother of three and founder of Bellymama Midwifery, a private midwifery practice In Miami that provided compassionate, client-centered maternity care,  Corina knows firsthand the universal struggle that mothers face in trying to balance motherhood with their careers, their own self-care, and their desires for impact and contribution.  

The journey from being a midwife to becoming a matrescence facilitator was a long and windy road that began in 2007, when Corina became a mother herself.  After a very humbling birth and postpartum journey, she began to understand more deeply the far-reaching impact of maternal health and well-being, both before and after birth.  This led her to work more deeply with the women she serves by midwifing them not only into motherhood, but into the best, most evolved version of themselves. 

In 2013, Corina began studying with transformational leader, teacher and mentor, Claire Zammit, Ph.D. and founder of Evolving Wisdom, and became a Certified Feminine Power Facilitator in 2019.  Her passion is to help pregnant women and mothers shift out of anxiety, overwhelm, depletion, and depression into trust, radiance, and thriving so that they can bring their unique gifts both to their children and the larger world. 

Since 2014, Corina has created and delivered content that weaves together her expertise in the fields of maternal and infant health, transformational facilitation, dance, drumming, and her own personal journey as a mother.  

Out of this creative weaving, the tapestry of MotherFly was born. 

MotherFly is an organization whose vision is to midwife the birth of a new type of Motherculture, one which honors both the innate desire to parent as well as the deep desires for personal growth and larger contribution.  MotherFly programs support, inspire, and empower expectant women and mothers to achieve their highest callings both at home and in the world.