Pregnant?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different emotions and choices to navigate as you become a parent?  Are you wanting to give your baby (and yourself!) the most optimal beginning? Are you sensing that this journey is more than just giving birth to a child? 

Already a mama but feel like you've lost yourself along the way?  Or maybe you're feeling depleted, anxious or depressed.

If so, then my Motherbirth 6-month intensive program was designed for you! There are many childbirth educations programs, parenting classes, newborn classes, breastfeeding classes.  But this special time is not just about giving birth to a baby, it’s also about birthing yourself as a mother!

Matrescense is a term coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael in the 70's and refers to the massive transformation of identity that occurs when a woman becomes a mother.  Like adolescence, it represents a time of considerable growth and change, which requires support, acknowledgement and nurturing.

Unfortunately our society is doing a very poor job of this.  

Is it any wonder why postpartum depression and anxiety are the #1 complication of pregnancy?

As your matrescence midwife, I can help you navigate this journey -whether you're pregnant or well into your mothering, I can help you thrive so that motherhood can be the enrichment program that it was designed to be.

You know, there is a lot of information out there.  An overwhelming amount.  Gathering knowledge about the processes of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is an important part of the journey.  

But knowledge alone is not power.

True power is rooted in wisdom, and wisdom is the capacity to take knowledge and apply it in ways that make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.  It's far easier to seek and gain knowledge than it is attain wisdom. 

The Motherbirth program takes you on a journey through ancient maps, modern archetypes, and into the depths of your own soul.  It offers the best of my 23 years of knowledge and wisdom as a midwife, my 15 years experience as a mother, and decades of being a spiritual seeker and facilitator of Ceremony.

The truth is that becoming a mother and living as a mother are a BIG DEAL.  We are the life bearers and the life nurturers and therefore our WELLNESS, or lack thereof, has massive impact - on our families and society as a whole.  

Pregnancy is by nature a transformational experience in which you literally change form and prepare to step into a life-changing role as a mother.  The changes you experience are not only physical but encompass every aspect of who you are—emotional, psychological, hormonal, cultural, and spiritual. The Motherbirth program is specifically designed to help midwife this transformation of identity from woman to mother, or from mother of one, two or three, to mother of three, four or five.  Each baby brings something new to your understanding as a mother.

At the end of this program, you will have birthed a whole new version of you AND you will have the tools to continue to grow and evolve yourself right along with your children. To set up a free consultation and learn more please click here: