What if motherhood could be a portal to the highest expression of yourself, rather than a sinkhole of exhaustion, overwhelm, and depression?

Motherhood is not meant to be a death sentence for your dreams, desires, or purpose.

Simply put, motherhood is an enrichment program.

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"I felt powerless after the birth of my first child.  After my journey with Corina, the mother in me was transformed from a passive spirit to an energized an empowered force. 

I hold little regrets now and am ok with messy life.  I learned to embrace the beauty of chaos and imperfection, which is always present with little ones.  Corina helps awaken our mothering spirit and connects you to sisterhood that is thousands of years old. That kind of connection is hard to find in our society now, but so essential for helping a woman transform.

It is not just the birth of a child, it  is the birth of a mother, too."



- Julie Ochoa Kelly 


Women come to me experiencing . . .

disconnection from self 

    For some, these experiences are severe. 

    For others it's more of an underlying chronic sense of disconnection from themselves, their purpose, and their passion.  


    Motherhood does not need to be or feel this way.  What's missing is matrescence.

    Ma....what???  Matrescence.  

    Tell me more

    Matrescence is the understanding that motherhood is the psychological and spiritual birth of a woman.  This is the greatest story never told and understanding it makes a tremendous difference.  
    Our society focuses only on birthing babies and struggles to birth mothers.  As your matrescence midwife,

    I do both.

    Like adolescence, matrescence represents a time of considerable growth and change. 
    Brain changes.
    Hormonal changes.
    Physical changes.
    Social changes.
    Psychological changes.
    Spiritual changes.
    . . . all of which require support, acknowledgement and nurturing.
    Unfortunately our society is doing a very poor job of this.  

    Is it any wonder why postpartum depression and anxiety are the #1 complication of pregnancy?

    Whether you are pregnant and feeling overwhelmed by all the different emotions and choices to navigate, or you are already a mama but feel like you've lost yourself along the way...Whether you are wanting to give your baby (and yourself!) the most optimal beginning or you are a seasoned mama experiencing depletion, depression or anxiety...

    I can help!

    There are many childbirth educations programs, parenting classes, newborn classes, breastfeeding classes.  But this special time is not only about giving birth to a baby, it’s also about birthing a mother! 


    My 9-month Motherbirth program is uniquely designed to teach how to leverage matrescence as a portal to your most powerful self. Whether you're pregnant or well into your mothering, I can help you thrive so that motherhood can be the enrichment program that it was designed to be.

    Let's face it, there is a lot of information out there.  A dizzying amount.  Gathering knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is an important part of the journey.  

    But knowledge alone is not power.

    True power is rooted in wisdom, and wisdom is the capacity to take knowledge and apply it in ways that make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.  It's far easier to seek and gain knowledge than it is attain wisdom. 

    Motherbirth is based in wisdom traditions. It takes you on a journey through ancient maps, modern archetypes, and into the depths of your own soul.  It offers the best of my 25 years of knowledge and wisdom as a midwife, my 17 years experience as a mother, and decades of dance, spiritual seeking and facilitating Ceremony.

    The truth is that motherhood is kind of a BIG DEAL. 

    As life bearers and life nurturers our wellness, or lack thereof, has MASSIVE IMPACT - on our families and society as a whole.  


    Prior to working with Corina, I felt insecure, fearful and doubted many times that I could birth my baby safely at home and be mother of two .  Under her holistic guidance I felt empowered and reassured every step of the way.  I connected with my baby in a way I had never done before. 

    I felt able and almost “grandmothered” in by all the women who had birthed before me.  Corina made me realize I was made for this. Her gentle and wise insight, human connection and integrity made me feel comfortable sharing fears and vulnerabilities.

     As a result, I am more confident.  I know I can overcome what seems like impossible situations in my life. I was empowered to connect with my inner-self and my children in a beautiful, messy, unscripted way.  I learned to be present in each moment. Now I am a mentor for new moms! 

    -Gladys Garcia, Florida

    Birth photographer  



     Pregnancy is by nature a transformational experience in which you literally change form and prepare to step into a life-changing role as a mother.  The changes you experience are not only physical but encompass every aspect of who you are—emotional, psychological, hormonal, cultural, and spiritual. These changes happen every time you give birth, whether it's the first or the 5th time.  Each baby brings unique gifts and challenges. 


    I developed a deep sense of introspection since working with Corina.  She  presented such depth with her care for me that I was forced to learn compassion for myself.  

    Corina showed me love in my darkness.  In a very subtle way she taught me how to forgive myself.  Corina has a way of allowance because she is so comfortable with the healing process. 

    As a result of my experience with her I started my own business helping women heal through trauma and supporting women who wish to birth vaginally after a C-section.

    Keachia Bowers, Florida

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist


    Worried about losing yourself to motherhood?  Already lost?

    I can help you find yourself through it.


    "Corina was more than a midwife to me when I birthed my daughter, she also assisted me in birthing a more powerful version of myself. 

    Corina used a perfect combination of wisdom and empathy to midwife me, which I believe directly contributed to me discovering a new life purpose beyond motherhood. Corina modeled for me what it means to balance both a spiritual calling to serve others with knowledge and experience to create life changing guidance for women."

    -Denise Padilla de Font, North Carolina

    Clinical Art Therapist, Healer


    This program is for you if you are:

    • A growth-oriented, purpose-driven, soulful entrepreneur ready to discover how to embrace motherhood without losing your identity
    • A corporate maven who's ready to shift to a different type of power that draws from ancient and divine Feminine Principles
    • Ready to step out of the exhausted mother archetype and learn how to leverage motherhood as a portal to accessing your full power
    • Having your first baby and wants to embrace the full transformational power of pregnancy, birth and motherhood
    • Feeling depressed, anxious, chronically overwhelmed or burnt out and  ready to discover your pathway to thriving motherhood

      There is currently nothing on the market that combines midwifery expertise, transformational facilitation, Feminine Power, soulful inquiry, and embodied movement to help women leverage motherhood as a catalyst to become themselves fully. 

      That's why I created Motherbirth.

      At the end of this program, you will have birthed a whole new version of you AND  have tools to continue to grow & evolve yourself right along with your children. 

      Count me in!