MotherFly Closing Ceremony

This is a nourishing package made up a blend of various traditional postpartum practices, both from my own heritage and from other cultures.  I would first like to acknowledge those elders and cultures that I have had the privilege to study with and learn from--

Thank you Chona Perez, Ester Pop Tuch, Layla B., Médicos Descalzos, and so many others. 

I give thanks to my teachers, guides--spiritual and otherwise-- and ancestors who gave this knowledge and whispered through my blood to re-emerge.  The unknown ones, thank you, and all the mothers I have served, and my children who continue to guide and teach me.


The package consists of essentially creating a Hamam (traditional Moroccan steam room) in your bathroom.  


Inside this sacred, womb-like space, you have a womb steam and be washed, massaged, and scrubbed with a variety of clays, scrubs, and oils.  You will drink tea and eat sweet fruit. Your body will be blessed, closed, wrapped like a cocoon, and allowed to rest and integrate this huge life transition.


More than just a nourishing blend of treatments, this package is a ceremony to honor and acknowledge the significance of this rite of passage and the new role you will take on as a mother.  It's an opportunity for you to really pause and listen to what you wish to release and what you wish to bring in.  For you are being recreated mama, whether for the first time or the 5th time.  This ceremony helps to integrate it on all levels.

We believe it is the birthright of every new mother to receive this kind of treatment.  We recommend 3 sessions during the early postpartum period.