Womb Steam/ V Steam/ Yoni Steam

A womb steam, also known as a V-steam or Yoni-steam, is a traditional practice used in cultures throughout the world for a variety of female issues and experiences.

It can be used for to aid the body's natural healing mechanisms for many  gynecological issues, such as irregular cycles, heavy menstrual cramps, clots during menses, fibroids, and vaginal infections.  

During the postpartum time womb steams have been used in cultures throughout the world to restore heat and Qi (life force) to the body.  Because women lose blood in the birth process they are essentially losing both Qi and heat.  Womb steams during the postpartum period also help to bring balance, clear out lochia, aid the healing of perineal tears, and ease afterpains.

The steam can be done using only hot water and sea salt or using an herbal blend suited to the needs of that particular woman/situation.  The woman sits on a stool with the pot of hot water and herbs beneath her and is wrapped in a blanket.

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